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Based on our love for the seas and forests.


Our mission is to promote a conscious consuming culture and set a new standard

of ethical and sustainable production of consumer goods.

The ongoing trend of fast fashion and quick consumption is deteriorating our planet

at an alarming rate, which we can help slow down by being mindful of what we choose

to spend our money on.


At NOTEP store, we aim to use recycled or upcycled materials to reduce the production of new waste and implement sustainable producttion methods providing jobs to various local communities. By choosing us, you will be a helping hand to a more sustainable fashion and consumption trend so we can all preserve and enjoy nature for longer.

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MMG Special Edition (2024)


* Metamorphogenesis album is now available on all music platforms *

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NOTEP Store x Plain Jayne


Two Hearts, One Wardrobe: Embrace the Elegance of Slow Fashion with Timeless Threads and Enduring Friendships.

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These versatile adjustable-size tubes can be styled in multiple ways.

Each tube is accompanied by a matching noodle scarf. Crafted from dead stock fabric and adorned with recycled plastic buttons, this collection is available in limited quantities across 9 vibrant shades.

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The meaning of ‘Burana’ in Thai is to restore or revive things to their former glory. This is precisely what we aim to do with our newest collection at NOTEP store. We aim to recycle and up-cycle materials that have been overlooked or discarded, finding beauty in their imperfection and bringing them to life with our creativity.


Beach Glow

✦ Benefits ✦

A multi-purpose body and hair oil in one bottle! Increase moisture and glow to your skin daily. Can be applied both before going out in the sun, after shower and every moment you want.

✺ 100% Organic
✺ Vegan
✺ Moisturizing
✺ Good for tanning
✺ Reef safe
✺ Cruelty-free
✺ Fragrance free
✺ 80ml per bottle

✦ Ingredients ✦
Argan oil, Squalane, Evening primrose oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Camellia seed oil, Sesame seed oil, Wheat germ oil, Vitamin E + Lavender and Citrus essential oil. 


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