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  • Are your oil suitable for all skin and hair types?
    Yes, our oil is made from 100% certified organic oil blend, therefore it can be used on sensitive skin as long as you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the oil.
  • Does your oil contain any artificial fragrant of coloring?
    No, all ingredients are natural. The fragrant is a mix of citrus oil and lavender oil.
  • How do I use your body and hair oil?
    For everyday use, apply oil on your body and hair post shower after you have dried off to moisturize and revitalize your skin and hair. For outdoor use, apply oil 5-10 mins before performing any aquatic activity to allow your skin to absorb the oil and act as a protecting shield.
  • What is the shelf life of your oil?
    The shelf life of our oil is 2 years after production.
  • Do your oil have any certifications for their organic and eco-friendly claims?
    Yes, all of our organic certifications have gone through the Thai FDA regulations.
  • Is your product suitable for use during pregnancy or breast-feeding period?
    Yes, since all of the ingredients are organic, it is safe to use during your pregnancy. It will also help with stretch mark since it will keep your skin moisturized, as well as providing vital vitamins to your skin.
  • Can I incorporate your oils into my existing skincare or haircare routine?
    Yes, our beach glow oil, hence its name was actually designed for everyday use. Highly recommend applying beach glow oil after sun lotion for an extra layer of protection and moisturization.
  • Can I use your body oil as massage oil?
    Yes, with all the benefits of each ingredients and its refreshing aroma, this oil is perfect to use as massaging oil.
  • Are your packaging environmentally friendly?
    We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible by using as little plastic as we possibly can. Our boxes are made from recycled paper and we chose to use glass bottle as it is recyclable, aluminum cap for the same reason. However, the drip tip has to be plastic since we were not able to find any domestic suppliers that produces any other materials and importing from overseas would do more harm than good.
  • Is your Burana Fisherman pants free size?
    Yes, it is free size, you can adjust size using the handmade ropes to tie around your waste. Please refer to the size chart for pants measurements.
  • Where do you source materials for your clothing?
    We source materials locally, supporting different small communities around Thailand. For our Burana collection, we mostly source our fabrics from Northern region of Thailand using old Hmong hill tribe skirts, turning them into our Lotus top. Our pants cottons are sourced from Chiang Mai, and using artisanal labor from local communities in Chiang Mai as well.
  • What steps have you taken to reduce waste during your manufacturing process?
    The materials that we use is are either recycled or upcycled which originally were going to be discarded anyway, with our designs and touches, we are able to give it a second life and give value to it. With that being said, this process is helping to reduce waste in circulation.
  • Are your products certified as organic or sustainable?
    No, we have not obtained any certifications yet as we recently just started a clothing line. However, we aim to obtain those certifications down the road.
  • What makes your clothing brand eco-friendly?
    Our clothing line is eco-friendly for many reasons. First for using recycled or upcycled materials that would be discarded or overlooked as waste. Secondly, the production process of the clothing is also sustainable since we support small communities with jobs for manufacturing, overseeing the process to make sure it is eco-friendly as well as providing jobs for them. Lastly, we stray away from single use plastics and none recyclable materials.
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